New Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform 6

The world of vehicle accessories has set a new benchmark: the Rhino Rack Pioneer 6 platform. This latest generation of the popular Pioneer series offers numerous improvements that will appeal to both adventure seekers and everyday users. Let's take a closer look at the outstanding features and benefits of this new platform.

Revolutionary improvements

Reduced air resistance and weight

One of the most notable improvements to the Pioneer 6 platform is the dramatic reduction in drag. With an impressive 60% reduction compared to previous models, the vehicle's aerodynamics are significantly improved. This not only results in a smoother ride, but also improved fuel efficiency.

The weight of the platform has been reduced by 20% without sacrificing strength and load-bearing capacity. This means users can load more equipment without exceeding their vehicle's roof load limit​  

More usable channels

The Pioneer 6 offers 25% more usable channels for attaching accessories. This allows for more flexible and efficient use of the available space. Whether you want to transport bikes, kayaks or camping gear, the additional mounting variety makes it easier than ever to store your gear safely. ​.

Robust and durable construction

Close-up of the Pioneer Platform 6 from Rhino Rack

Improved coating

The Pioneer 6 platform's new scratch-resistant coating provides increased resistance to wear and damage. This is especially important for off-road adventures where the platform is exposed to extreme conditions.

Integrated cabling options

Another innovative feature is the integrated wiring option within all extrusions. This makes it easy to install additional lighting and other electronic accessories without the need for external cables. The platform thus remains clean and organized.

Versatility and accessories

Extended mounting options

The introduction of East/West mounting channels provides even more flexibility when attaching accessories. This means users can mount their equipment in almost any desired configuration to make the most of the available space.

Comprehensive range of accessories

Rhino Rack has also expanded its accessory offerings, allowing users to easily and securely mount a variety of gear. From fishing to water sports, the Pioneer 6 platform is ready for any adventure.

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