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Buying advice for Peak roof tents

If you're deciding which Moby Mountain rooftop tent is best for your adventures, here are some important considerations to help you make your choice.

Peak XXL - space for the whole family

The Peak XXL roof tent offers generous space for up to four adults or a similar group constellation, for example 2 adults and 2 children. If you plan to travel with your family or a larger group, the XXL model could be the perfect choice.

Peak XL - Perfect for spontaneous adventures

The Peak XL roof tent is ideal for spontaneous adventures and offers space for three adults or two adults and one child. It is the right choice if you are traveling in a smaller group.

Suitable for your vehicle

The hardshell box of the Peak roof tents is designed to fit most station wagons and SUVs. The clever side folding allows for a larger lying area compared to most other roof tents. However, make sure that there is enough space on your vehicle roof. You should also check beforehand what roof load your vehicle has. Depending on the vehicle, this can sometimes be less than 60 kg, which means that Moby Mountain roof tents are no longer an option. The Peak XL weighs 60 kg and the XXL 75 kg.

Ventilation and view

Both models, the Peak XXL and the Peak XL roof tent, are equipped with skylights and windows on the sides, which ensure excellent ventilation and pleasant daylight in the tent. At night you can enjoy the impressive starry sky from all sides.

Privacy and protection

The Peak roof tents have close-meshed mosquito nets at all openings to prevent unwanted guests from finding their way in. The robust tent fabric offers you privacy and prevents prying eyes. So you can enjoy your adventures undisturbed.

Material and climate adaptation

The tent fabric is made of durable and breathable poly-cotton, which is ideal for Nordic climate conditions. Consider whether this material will suit your needs and the weather conditions you will encounter on your adventures. If your temperatures are very low, we also offer a roof tent heater .

additional options

You can increase the comfort of your Peak roof tents even further by adding optional extras such as mattress pads, which also reduce condensation under the mattress. Awnings and awnings are also available to add the finishing touch to your campsite.


Ultimately, choosing the right Peak roof tent depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are still unsure, we recommend consulting with us to ensure you choose the perfect rooftop tent for your adventures. Let the journey begin!

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