Rhein Waal 4x4 2024 conclusion

Rhein Waal 4x4 2024 Fazit

Lukas Biermann |

The Rhein Waal 4x4 trade fair in Kalkar was a real blast, and we are super happy with how everything went. We had the chance to demonstrate Moby Mountain's latest generation of rooftop tents and that was really cool. Thanks to Moby Mountain, we were able to advise a lot of people and show them what these roof tents can do.

Then there was the new Autoterm Travel roof tent heater, which was a real hit. Many people came to us specifically to find out more because the idea of ​​sleeping comfortably in a roof tent even in cooler temperatures was very appealing to many. The heating really caused a stir.

Aside from the roof tents, we were also able to help some people choose the right decked drawers. There was a lot of interest in these pieces because they are so practical and offer a lot of options for storing stuff neatly. We were able to show really well what was possible and hit the mark by responding to the individual needs of visitors.

In short, the trade fair was awesome. We are super proud of the feedback and interest we have generated. The new generation of roof tents, the roof tent heater and the decked drawers were huge hits. We're really looking forward to next time and can't wait to show off even more cool stuff.

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